Cookology CCF142BK Chest Freezer Review 2020

Chest freezers are larger than uprights. They have a more horizontal surface area, making it easier to store large and oddly shaped cuts of meat or other items. They are lower to the ground, meaning they won’t obscure a window or risk tipping over. They hold their cool more easily than uprights and are more energy-efficient. They are generally lower priced than upright freezers.

Product Overview

Cookology CCF142BK


➭ Max Storage time by Power Failure: 35 hours
➭ Manual Defrost
➭ Net Capacity: 142 L
➭ Aluminium Textured Interior
➭ Energy Rating: A+

This is another fantastic product from Cookology. The average energy use of this Chest Freezer is 168kWh/annum – this means that you would expect to around 8 pence a day (based on 15.5 pence per kWh) in electricity when running it continuously making the CCF142BK Chest Freezer great money-saving refrigerator. That allows a family to cheaply store frozen food in a garage or outbuilding and capitalize on special offers or get ready for events such as Christmas without worrying about running out of space.

Key features and benefits

For many years, chest freezers have been large and environmentally in-efficient. Introducing the Cookology CCF142BK Chest Freezer, This freezer has A+ energy rating and it consumes very less amount of energy as compared to other products available in the market the energy consumption is 190kWh/year.

These 2 features will reduce any energy bill and more importantly, help aid against the energy crisis plaguing most of the world today. In addition to the energy savings, the Cookology CCF142BK is also one robust chest freezer. Equipped with an internal basket, you can organize food and other items accordingly. Its 142 LT Internal gross volume allows you to store more items with ease. Also, it’s a freestanding design will let you adjust your freezer anywhere. Another great feature is the manual drain system embedded into the freezer chest. Never worry about defrosting difficulties as the Cookology CCF142BK includes a drainage hole below the unit that releases water and moisture. Lastly, the Cookology CCF142BK can be used as a portable freezer which allows it to be used at any location. In closing, this 4.5 star rated freezer ( can fit all your needs and save you a few dollars at the same time. Give the Sundazer a try.

these are the things you will love most in this product:

  • Max Storage time by Power Failure: 35 hours
  • Aluminium Textured Interior
  • More Storage
  • Manual Defrost
  • Freestanding design

What customers are saying about the  Cookology CCF142BK  Chest Freezer?

People are amazed by the quality they get in this price range. Even some customer said that it is the best chest freezer suited for outside usage. This chest freezer is brilliant value for money looks more expensive than it is! Perfect size for what you needed. Also you can buy this for extra freezer space to be located in an outbuilding. Externally it is a nice compact unit while holding a good amount of food.

Cookology CCF142BK  Chest Freezer Pros & Cons


  • Aluminium Textured Interior.
  • Max Storage time by Power Failure: 35 hours.
  • More Storage.


  • Large Size.


In the end, the choice of the best freezer for you depends on your available space, capacity needs and usage requirements. Once you know how you plan to use your freezer, and you know which features you want, it will be easy to choose the perfect freezer for you.

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