CRYSTAL VENUS 26 Review – CRYSTAL VENUS 26 Features, Weight & Dimensions, Pros & Cons

The CRYSTAL VENUS 26 provides a sufficient storage space that is enough to fit different foods or drinks that you want to chill. It has Curved Sliding Glass, and it can hold a large number of food items. Overall, this refrigerator with freezer has enough capacity to store several foods that need to be chilled. This is the reason why it is best for big or small home use. According to the Amazon review, it has a good rating. In fact, it is widely recommended by a lot of customers who have already tried using it.

Product Overview



➭ Ideal for small places
➭ Ideal for promoting ice cream
➭ Ideal for heavy duty and outdoors use
➭ Optimum product visibility
➭ Plug ready

Crystal offers another version that serves as a small chest freezer. The Crystal (VENUS-26-SGL) displays a freezer with curved glass lids offering great space. Approximately twenty-five inches wide, users can pack a large amount of frozen food, making this small product an enormous punch on the market. The wired baskets inside can be removed. So that larger items may be more easily stored.


Since this is a chest refrigerator, it is also great for any dorm type room or basement rooms. It has adjustable wheels, so you will find it easy to position it anywhere inside your room. Here are the important features that you will find in this product:

  • Adjustable thermostat that helps in finding the perfect temperature for the food.
  • Steel – Internal body from non toxic steel sheet.
  • Temperature range: -26°C / -18°C.
  • Optimum product visibility.
  • It has a Freestanding design that helps in space conservation.
  • Freezer-body in White Color – Plastic Parts in Grey.

Weight & Dimensions

This product weighs 46Kg and it is very light, so it is easier to carry around and you can transfer the refrigerator from one place to another with ease. It has a product dimension of 90.9 x 64.4 x 86.4 cm. When it comes to the warranty, you can be sure that you will have your money back once you don’t find this product useful and you are not satisfied with its performance. It has a 1-year warranty only on parts. Service not included.

Customer Reviews

According to the customer reviews, this fridge is so wonderful, and many owners find it useful. It has an excellent design, and everyone loves the small size of this Crystal refrigerator. Compared to other kinds of the fridge in the market today, this fridge is just the perfect size for a small family. It is also ideal for dorm type rooms because it is a space saver. The moment you put it out of the box, you will know exactly where you want to put it. However, some people may find this product not useful if they are in need of a much bigger fridge. Another reason why people find this product not good is that it has a manual defrost system, which means that you have to defrost it periodically because it is not frost-free.

Pros & Cons

When it comes to the features of the product, you will undoubtedly find this product very useful. It has a high rating in the customer reviews because it is indeed beneficial to them, and it can actually help chill their foods and drinks fast. It has a small design which only fits in their homes perfectly. With its small size, it can chill any foods and beverages that you want to chill. It has a lot of storage space inside, so you will find all your stuffs organized and properly placed. You can also chill tall bottles on the side of the fridge that makes it very convenient.

The only con that you will find in this product is that it is not frost-free, which means that you have to defrost the fridge periodically. But there is a manual defrost included, so you will not find it hard to defrost the fridge. For those who require a bigger fridge, this one may not be the right choice for you because it is small and just perfect for a small family. If you need a bigger space in storing foods, this is not also suitable for you since it is small and has smaller dimensions. You will need a much bigger fridge so that it can accommodate all the foods that you need to store and chill.


  • Designed simple for ease of use.
  • Ideal for home use and in small businesses.
  • Fitted with caster wheels for mobility.


  • Relatively heavy to move.


Among the other fridge products in the market today, the CRYSTAL VENUS 26 freezer is the perfect one for you. If you are alone in a dorm and you only have a limited supply of foods that you need to chill, this fridge is the perfect size that you need. When it comes to the quality of the product, you can also make sure that this has the best quality because it is made by Crystal. The white finish gives your fridge a clean and elegant look. The storage space is just enough to accommodate your favorite drinks and foods that you want to chill. This product is a really a life and food saver.

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