Fridgemaster MCF139 – Best Small Sized Chest Freezer Review

If you require a freezer for storing your frozen goods, you can not go wrong with Fridgemaster MCF139 best seller purchase. Whether you simply in need of some extra storage space for your frozen items or regularly buy frozen goods in bulk and need a great deal of freezer storage space, Fridgemaster MCF139 will not disappoint you. There are several options available in the market, but choosing the best-suited freezer may become a pain. And if you are on a tight budget, then Fridgemaster MCF139 is the best option for you. With this freezer, you will get a lot more space for your frozen food than other products available in this price range.

The Fridgemaster MCF139 freezer holds an average rating of 4 out of 5 stars, leaving customers very satisfied with their purchase. This is an excellent choice for those who are looking for a semi-small upright freezer. This lightweight freezer not only gives you the space that you need but is easy to move and manoeuvre as needed. The Fridgemaster MCF139 is quiet, energy-efficient and very nicely designed. Small to medium-sized families are sure to appreciate the extra storage space provided to them with this popular Fridgemaster model.

Product Overview

Fridgemaster MCF139


➭ Freestanding design
➭ 4* freezer rating
➭ Winter Guard - Suitable for storage in outbuildings of temperatures of -15°C
➭ Defrost drain
➭ Color - White

With 139 liter capacity and space for up to 7 bags of shopping, this is a cool choice for any household. Just give it a manual defrost now and then and it will reward you with ice-cold efficiency and lower bills, thanks to its A+ energy rating. The special Winter Guard feature means this chest freezer keeps its cool in environments as low as -15 degrees, so it will be happy even in a chilly garage.

Key features and benefits

Are you looking for a great product to keep your meat and vegetables frozen and stored properly? Look no further, and the Fridgemaster MCF139 is exactly what you need. This perfectly sized, well-equipped freezer chest can provide the size and flexibility you need in your kitchen.

The Fridgemaster MCF139 is equipped with many unique features and functions which can make your life and kitchen a better place. Boasting a 139L storage area, you are able to place many items in the freezer for long term storage purposes. This chest freezer also has storage baskets which can provide a much-needed organization that many storage freezers do not provide. Another major feature is the small, lightweight size of the freezer chest. This small lightweight device does not have to be locked away in your outdoor storage. Only weighing 30Kg, this freezer can be placed in a kitchen, dining room or in a small portion of your garage providing the ultimate convenience. Wanna keep your items stored safely? No worries, this freezer chest comes equipped with a lock and key mechanism that keeps the unwanted guest out. Lastly and most importantly, you will be able to set and customize your freezer temperature settings as you please with the adjustable control panel. You can not overlook the fact that this product is made by Fridgemaster, an industry leader in kitchen appliances and other innovative home products. You will not find a freezer on the market with as much upside as the Fridgemaster MCF139. 

What customers are saying about the  Fridgemaster MCF139 Chest Freezer?

This is one of the highest-rated product when you see on And the main reason for that kind of rating is the quality, and the product customers get in such an affordable price range. 

Some customers have been using it for extra storage out in the shed they reviewed it as an excellent product for using outbuilding. 

Fridgemaster MCF139 Pros & Cons


  • Winter Guard – Suitable for storage in outbuildings of temperatures of -15°C.
  • More Storage capacity.
  • Lightweight for easy movement.


  • Relatively pricey.


If you are looking for a semi-small chest freezer in an affordable price range, then this is the best option for you as it gives you more storage for your frozen food. 

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