Haier HCE259R Review – Haier Chest Freezer Features, Customer Review, Pros & Cons

Owning a freezer is essential if you plan on storing any type of meat or poultry for a long period of time. Freezers are also handy for storing ice cubes and ice cream. The Haier HCE259R Small Chest freezer is an offering from Haier that features 259L of storage space, Fast Freeze Function and manual defrost, and 4* freezer rating making it more energy-efficient. This product is fairly popular, and it receives great reviews from the majority of rating websites. On Amazon.co.uk the HCE259R has an amazing 5/5 stars.

Product Overview

Haier HCE259R


➭ Freestanding design
➭ 4* freezer rating
➭ Counterbalanced lid.
➭ LED Display and Control
➭ Fast Freeze technology
Automatic Defrost System

This offering from Haier is energy star rated, meaning it will save you electricity each year allowing for a lower electric bill to be paid each month. Certain countries and states have special tax rebates that you may qualify for if you purchase an energy star qualified appliance. This freezer features Fast Freeze Function and manual defrost so you always have precise control over the temperature and humidity settings within the unit. The dimensions of the freezer are 920 x 745 x 845 mm. It weighs roughly 45Kg so two people will be required to move the freezer, although it is much lighter and much more portable.

Haier HCE259R Features

Below are some of the features associated with the Haier HCE259R chest freezer.

  • The top of the freezer is durable and scratch-resistant.
  • Freestanding Design, meaning this freezer can be placed virtually anywhere.
  • Fast Freeze Function allows for fast freezing of foods.
  • Door seal fits extremely tight meaning all the cool air inside the unit will stay inside, meaning the freezer draws less energy to stay cool.

One of the nicest features of this particular freezer is a small size. It is small enough to fit in small apartments, inside school teacher meeting areas, or even the office for keeping ice and other beverages handy.

Customer Reviews

Everybody who reviewed this product on Amazon.co.uk gave it a 5/5 rating, which is quite rare for appliances. The majority of people commented on the extreme efficiency of the unit, and how cold it was able to stay at. Many people also pointed out the ample amount of space and room inside the freezer, which allows for a variety of things to be stored. Finally, people were also pleased with the time it took to freeze things and the short amount of time the freezer was able to cool down in.

Pros & Cons


  • Gets cold very fast and will stay cold as long as the door is closed.
  • Energy star rated means it draws less power than other comparable freezers which will cut down on your monthly electricity bill and save you money.
  • 259L of space means you can store more food than you might imagine inside the freeze, while the compact design and size means the freezer can be placed almost anywhere.


  • The freezer must be placed 6-8 inches from any wall to avoid damage from heat associated with the freezer power unit.
  • It needs to be defrosted regularly.


Overall the Haier HCE259R is a great buy if you’re in the market for a new, compact chest freezer. The energy star rating means you will save money each month, and there is ample storage space for all your products.

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