IceKing CF97W – Best Small Sized Chest Freezer Review 2020

IceKing CF97W chest freezer is best for homes, cabins, rest houses, garages, kitchens, grocery stores, restaurants and offices. Chest freezers are highly durable and energy-efficient. These are big enough to hold most of your frozen food. If you are looking for a product which is more energy-efficient and have more storage, then IceKing CF97W is the best choice for you.

Product Overview

This chest freezer has a small footprint, and it is best suited for a small family or if you want some extra storage for your frozen food. It also has easy access to frost drain. So you can remove the excess water anytime without removing the goods in the freezer. You’ll never have a hard time placing this freezer at any place as it has a freestanding design. It’s also energy efficient. You don’t have to worry about any damage because it will ship in a double layer packaging this ensures safe delivery.

This IceKing CF97W 97 liter chest freezer has an easy-access freezer basket for your favorite food items and counterbalanced lid for ease of use. Good size for medium to large families and built for indoor and outdoor use with interior lighting, the CF97W is a good addition to your home. It can happily operate in temperatures as low as -15°C.

IceKing CF97W


➭ Freestanding design
➭ 4* freezer rating
➭ Counterbalanced lid.
➭ Built for indoor and outdoor use
➭ Adjustable Temperature Controls.
➭ Fast Freeze technology
➭ Aluminium Interior

This chest freezer uses eco-friendly technology, which has a greater emphasis on lowering its power consumption. IceKing CF97W deep freezer uses environment-friendly Hydrocarbon refrigerants having lower global warming potential hydrocarbon refrigerant R 6 0 0 also ensures lowest power consumption in the industry compared to regular refrigerant like R134a which has a higher power consumption.

Key features and benefits

So next time when you buy a deep freezer we had for domestic or commercial use check whether it’s And or R134 8 definitely a hydrocarbon refrigerant would have a lesser load on your pocket this refrigerant improves compressor reliability and increases Energy Efficiency as well. Increasing its cooling retention in comparison with other brands higher freezer uses molecular forming technology that ensures higher POF density resulting in more cooling retention compared to other brands in case of power failures IceKing CF97W chest freezer is an innovation from the future but the science behind it.

This chest freezer ensures that your food remains as nutritious and flavorsome as it did when you brought it home. It also has an A+ energy saving rating saving you energy and money. The CF97W is modern and mighty, more than capable of keeping your food fresh and your bills low! With a large 97 liter capacity, you’ll comfortably fit in all your frozen weekly goods. It has 1 wire basket and is ideal for storing those essential frozen food items. If you’re looking to keep your food feeling fresh for longer, then the IceKing CF97W is the one for you.

IceKing CF97W


  • Counterbalanced lid.
  • Adjustable Temperature.
  • Fast Freeze technology.
  • Compact design and lightweight for easy movement.


  • Low storage capacity.

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