Russell Hobbs RHCF198B Chest Freezer Review 2020

While choosing the very best small chest freezer used to be a relative no-brainer process (simply because there weren’t that many different options out there for sale), today’s market is drastically different and almost flooded with options – which makes the dominance of the Russell Hobbs RHCF198B chest freezer so truly groundbreaking.

Widely considered as one of the top chest space-saving freezer systems on the market today, you cannot go wrong when you decide to invest in this freezer option. Using many of the latest and greatest technologies to produce an energy-efficient freezer that is capable of truly low temperatures, there is a real reason that so many people flock to this specific option regularly.

Product Overview

Russell Hobbs RHCF198B


➭ Freestanding design
➭ 4* freezer rating
➭ Adjustable Thermostat
➭ Defrost drain
➭ Adjustable Feet

If you are looking for a small, lightweight deep freezer with robust options and features, the Russell Hobbs RHCF198B chest freezer is the way to go. This all-white, perfectly sized deep freezer provides a new, stylish update to your kitchen.

Key features and benefits

The first thing that you’re going to be tremendously impressed with the incredible performance. No, it doesn’t have the same kind of capacity as many commercial freezers, but that is its most definite benefit as well – it won’t use up nearly as much of the energy while having a valuable freezer capacity in of itself. One other fantastic feature of the device is the Manual Defrost option.

This provides for easy drainage from the bottom of the freezer. The freezer also offers adjustable temperature control with allowing you ultimate control over how cold you want your freezer to be. If these features don’t wow you, then the slide-out bulk baskets will. Old, traditional freezers only allow you to place items in the box without any sense of organization. The Russell Hobbs RHCF198B comes equipped with pullout storage baskets that allow you to divide your items up. No more having important items hidden as the bottom of your freezer, the storage bins provide the organization you need.

Another major point to mention is the size and weight of the device. This freezer chest can be moved with minimal effort and placed in your utility room aside of your laundry equipment. Lastly, you cannot ignore the 1-year limited warranty on parts and labour provided by Russell Hobbs. It’s a great item to have, and you should have it in your kitchen today! Don’t miss out on the limited supply available.

Luckily, this single issue is offset by features such as:

  • Adjustable Feet allow for ease to adjust.
  • For pullout baskets that increase the storage capacity dramatically.
  • 198L of space with a freestanding design that helps you put this freezer almost anywhere.
  • Adjustable thermostat that allows you to control the freezer temperature completely.
  • An Energy Star rated freezer technology that won’t rack up massive bills.

What customers are saying about the Russell Hobbs RHCF198B Chest Freezer?

As far as compact freezers go, the Russell Hobbs RHCF198B

Chest Freezer is a very middle of the road solution, with almost as many people rating it as four stars or above as those that rated three stars or below.

People were generally impressed with the overall design and implementation of the technology, just not its overall performance. While some people said that the freezer worked wonderfully right out of the box, just as many mentioned that they had no idea whether or not the freezer would work as advertised or if it was just a single incident away from a complete meltdown.

Reviewers have stated that this offers just the right amount of performance at this specific price point, which isn’t too high and could offset a lot of your concerns. You’ll want to go into this purchase with both eyes open (well aware of the one year warranty that comes included).

Russell Hobbs RHCF198B Chest Freezer Pros & Cons


  • Adjustable Thermostat.
  • Adjustable Feet.
  • More Storage.


  • Relatively pricey.
  • Large Size.


All in all, this is one of the better compact mini freezer solutions out there today, and you’ll be absolutely over the moon with the performance and reliability you can expect at such a low price tag.

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